Dear Colleagues:

I am happy to address the Velankani family on the occasion of the launch of our Velankani HRMS packageÖ

Our business units (Real estate, Construction, Solar, Facility Management and Hotel-nearing launch) have been growing at a fast pace, over the past 24 months. Our people have been our strength and our efforts would continue to strengthen our human capital. I feel that achieving our objectives in an environment of fairness, transparency and courtesy toward all our stakeholders has been our key strength. It will provide us the much needed platform dedicated to improving our interaction and provide inputs in improving our knowledge and skill sets, as well.

A growing organization faces the challenge of a possible dilution of quality in its Product, People (competency) or Service offering when planning for growth does not form an important part. The proven way to stabilize is to adopt process orientation and technology to support it optimally, where applicable and affordable. Our organizationís Intranet was the first step in the direction of process strengthening; in our journey towards business excellence as a second step we are launching the employee friendly HRMS application and Enterprise Project Management. I trust all of you will see this as your very own platform to learn more about the organizationís plan from time to time, to referring to guiding factors (Policies), to participating in activities thatíll enrich all professionally as well as personally!

I do hope that I continue to have your active support in this important milestone for our group !!!!

Welcome to our new virtual space for organization and self enrichment !!

Kiron D. Shah
Managing Director